An Eritrean: “There shouldn’t be a region called Tigray”

From all the questions raised above the one we care most about is “What can be done for lasting peace between Tigray and Eritrea?”. The answer is very short, “There shouldn’t be a region called Tigray”. This could be seen as being racist and immoral thing to say. But that’s the real solution.



Editors note: This is a translation of a Tigrinya Facebook post] by Jenay Ghebregherghish Ghebremariam, a prominent Eritrean regime supporter and media person based in Stockholm, Sweden. He works with the Eritrean regime closely and appears in regime-affiliated media outlets. He continuously engages in hate writings against Tigrayans on Facebook. We present a translation of one of his posts to show the magnitude of genocidal intent from the Eritrean side. The post was shared on his page on October 3, 2020, just a month before the start of the war on Tigray.  The translation was done by Hayet Alem.

What should be done to Tigray?

The peace treaty has been signed and entered into a new stage for two years. Hostile actors against the reconciliation of Ethio-Eritrea are increasing, but Tigray is the number one.

If we were to mention common layman questions anyone can raise, Why is Tigray opposing this reconciliation? Would there be lasting peace if the border is drawn? Is the problem just the “TPLF” or the whole people of Tigray? Can there ever be trust between Eritreans and Tigrayan?

In this world only the powerful can survive. Powerful in every measure economical, political, identity, knowledge etc. And for Eritreans there is nothing more important than how to make Eritrea powerful. 

Country is not stone and sand, mountains and rivers, People and material. It’s more than all these things listed.

That’s why there shouldn’t be a single person who compromises on the interest of the country. From all the questions raised above the one we care most about is “What can be done for lasting peace between Tigray and Eritrea?”. The answer is very short, “There shouldn’t be a region called Tigray”. This could be seen as being racist and immoral thing to say. But that’s the real solution. We shouldn’t pretend and cover things up. Morality and humanity in front of national interest is cheap and nothing. That’s why during the armed struggle times there wasn’t a single thing before our national interest. Let alone a human being, even to the almighty God and its holy book wasn’t out of the question, it was led by philosophy and research of renowned world political books.

If we look into the last 500 years deeply and study it, It has always been the people of Tigray that have been betraying, attacking and hindering Eritrea from being the most powerful country.

Professor Asmerom Legese has clearly shared all of it to the next generation without mincing words or pretending. Saying “Tigrayans are our brothers. TPLF is the only enemy. Insulting Tigrayans is racist.”, acting like a modern, balanced and educated person won’t work. Trying to appease dedicated Eritreans with Tigray heritage is futile and won’t work.

Regardless of someone’s heritage and where they come from, they can be from Axum, Adigrat or even his mom could be from Wukro as long as they have Eritrean citizenship papers and they are proud and work for Eritrea, no one will touch them. They won’t get anything less than those who are from Eritrea. Regardless of their origin they have the responsibility to fight and protect Eritrea. It’s wrong to try and not speak the truth in an attempt to not offend these kinds of citizens. These kinds of rhetoric are not national thinking, they are not woke but an attempt to make some people be doubtful about their identity and their belongingness. 

Let me go back to my main point, I say it again, there shouldn’t be a region called Tigray!!!

Even if the new reconciliation of Ethiopia and Eritrea were to continue in good faith and the border gets drawn, life goes back to normal and trades resume, the Tigrigna speakers in Tigray will always be anti-Eritrea identity. And due to this, there will be another conflict. And as time goes, in Eritrea we can have people who identify themselves with Tigray. 

Previously on my post ጀናይ#A0042#2020/01/08 I said “The Abysinian mentality is anti-Eritrean identity”. “Tigray mentality” is also under the Abysinian mentality as the number one enemy of Eritrean identity. 

Right now with some word mincing we say “TPLF is our enemy not the people”. But TPLF is a Tigrayan political organization. So even if TPLF fails, there will be another political organization that will grow to become anti-Eritrea. Any public organization that comes out of Tigray is a suspect because it can cross borders and include the Tigrigna speakers nationalist of Eritrea. So any sort of organization that comes out of Tigray is anti-Eritrea. Beni-Amer people are found both in Eritrea and Sudan. Sudan Beni-Amer organizing is not as big a threat to Eritrea as to the Tigrayans. 

For the future, if any kind of political structure is created in the Tigray region, even as small as a religious association of Saint Abune Aregawi, Eritrea should follow up every six months and abort it like unwanted pregnancy. Otherwise, it’s always a small threat to Eritrea.

Also, due to the population in Tigray being equivalent with the whole population of Eritrea, Any riches Eritrea owns from it’s ports will be envied by the Tigrayans even after making peace between the two. On top of that, Tigray is uninhabitable, dry land not suitable for farming, and isolated. They know that they won’t be able to prosper and develop in Tigray and since they have given up depending on others, that will also push them to Eritrea. And generally their culture is poisoned and makes them wish to own things that don’t belong to them.

With this kind of hateful neighbor that we have been fighting for 500 years, you cannot live in peace with these without always watching your back and history has taught us that.

How can a lasting solution come?

The answer is there shouldn’t be a region called Tigray, and the benefit is for Eritrea but is also useful for the people of Tigray. 

The people of Tigray can get a better change and future than living off of aid thrown in dry land envying Eritrea with vitamin deficiency making their faces look like dirty fabric. Due to its limited resources Tigray cannot host more than 1 million people. With few people to protect historical places like Axum the rest 5 million need to be pushed out to proper Ethiopia and the other remaining to Yemen. The dream to cross to Eritrea is dead so that they can’t wish.

If we say this is a project that will take 150 years for those Tigrayan migrated to other parts of Ethiopia and Yemen to be completely assimilated and until then Eritrea can expand it’s political influence. If then Tigrayans can start a new civilization from Yemen and collaborate with us to control Readingel-Mendefera. By all measurements the Tigray region is not for the people of Tigray. Moving Tigrayans out to Yemen should be done intensively and priority.

Once the threat that can arise from Tigray is eliminated, by strengthening Eritrean identity and nationalism, it will be the new generation’s homework to take us back to the glory and influence we had in the Red Sea 100 years ago. If we are actually paying attention, our fathers are giving us back our throne in the horn of Africa. And the state seat is also being moved from Asmara to its former throne seat Dubarwa(Adi-halo). The only thing remaining is taking back the command and influence of the gulf of Arab. 

To properly hit and beat Tigray which is a threat to Eritrean identity we have to first make “Ethiopian identity” stronger by dismantling the regions in Ethiopia into smaller zones and we can easily dismember Tigray to different parts and dissolve it. 

In addition to these, to shield Eritrea from Tigray influence we have to employ a social engineering solution to create a buffer zone in the borders between Tigray and Eritrea. Mere geographic border is not enough. Socio-cultural boundary is a must. We can settle other non Tigrigna speakers in the bordering areas of Tigray and Eritrea.

If Tigray continues as is, they will continue to rob our ancient history, poison our culture and language and they will keep sending intruders to deprive us of sleep, history is our witness for all of it. Even the last 20 years Tigrayans have done everything to the new generation like what they did to our ancestors. But because of our competent and astute leaders, especially our president Isaias Afewerki, by taking a strong stance and path was able to avert all these devious devil’s plans. This is how my father-like figure(Isaias) makes me proud and happy!!

In conclusion, the people of Tigray are isolated from everyone. The question is not only can the people of Tigray live and progress with the rest of the world in this region but also due to limited resources they can fall under the question of survival, what should be done for peace? The answer and best alternative is to migrate to proper Ethiopia and cross an ocean to Yemen.

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