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The war on Tigray has been accompanied by a total blockade of Tigray and communications blackout to make sure the atrocities and massacres of the war, and the  cries and pain of the people  are not documented and written about. At that moment, we realized that we could not sit idle, and so we founded Tghat to document the war on Tigray and to tell the Tigrayan story. We believe documenting the war is important  for evidence of crimes, for advocatcy or creating awareness, and for the history of the people of Tigray.

With no other resource than our time and our savings, and sacrificing our work/career, we have worked hard to document as much as we can. We have compiled the longest list of civilians victims identified by name (2500+)  and we have written hundreds of articles on massacres, atrocities, events, and also  analyses and opinion pieces. 

What we do at Tghat has two objectives: to document as much as we can the war on Tigray as it is part of the history of the people of Tigray, and to raise awareness about the war on Tigray. We believe these are important, but we have come to a point where we can not keep doing the work with only our resources and time.

We need your support in order to keep doing what we do, to scale up, to upgrade the site, and to pay bills and services. We believe that you value the work that we do at Tghat, that you will donate to support Tghat and that you will ask your friends/networks to donate too.   

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