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War on Tigray: Update



  1. Thousands of Tigrayans of Dansha taken away by Amhara militia and special forces
  2. Fano excutes 98 Tigrayans in Korarit
  3. Abiy Ahmed soldiers block Tigrayans from fleeing to Sudan
  4. Abiy Ahmed bombs Wukro, a city of about 50, 000 residents, and 40 kilometers away from Mekelle

Unconfirmed report says thousands of Tigrayan civilians in Dansha, who were detained by Amhara special force and militia have been taken to unknown destination. There are fears that they might be executed.

The Amhara militia and special forces, usually called Fano, follow the foot steps of the invading Abiy Ahmed army and engage in indiscriminate killings of Tigrayans. They are indoctrinated to exterminate Tigrayans and to occupy their lands. Following them come Amhara rulers and civil servants from Amhara region to the Tigrayan towns and villages. They have already cleansed Tigrayasn from Humera and Mai-Kadra or driven them out to Sudan. Robbie Corey-Boulet of AFP said of the cleansing of Tigrayans from Mai-Kadra the following:

Fentahun, the new administrator, who arrived after the federal government took control on November 10 and drives around in a pick-up truck with three armed guards, said he and his fellow Amharas did not want revenge against Tigrayans. He insisted there were still Tigrayan residents in Mai-Kadra, but was unable to identify any.

Similarly, unconfirmed reports say Fano executed 98 Tigrayans in Korarit, Western Tigray. The Tigrayans are said to be workers at an investment site.

Abiy Ahmed’s soldiers are blocking Tigrayan refugees from fleeing to Sudan. Reports indicate that thousands of fleeing Tigrayans are detained by soldiers. This is extremely concerning. Previously, Abiy Ahmed and accomplices have accused Tigrayan refugees in Sudan of spreading TPLF propaganda, that is in reference to the stories of attacks that happened to them. The Orwellian Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check@SOEFactCheck posted

We have received credible intelligence that TPLF operatives have infiltrated refugees fleeing into Sudan to carry out missions of disinformation. We caution media entities & international organizations to thoroughly investigate & verify information they receive.

Blocking Tigrayans from fleeing to Sudan is therefore to stop Tigrayans from telling stories to the wider world. Abiy Ahmed and his accomplices sealed Tigray off so that no story about the crimes they commit in Tigray can come out of Tigray. But, many people also fear that they might massacre the fleeing refugees.

Today, Wukro, a city about 40 kilometers north of Mekelle was bombed by Abiy Ahmed warplanes. Many civilians have been injured, Tigray TV reported. Abiy Ahmed has been bombing Tigray since the start of the war and several civilian infrastructures have been destroyed. Yesterday, EBC had a post where it identified several civilian infrastructures as military targets. More about it can be found here.

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