Tghat Forum: Women’s Experiences in the Tigray War

In this next episode of Tghat Forum, panellists Chessie Baldwin, Meaza Gidey and Melat Tesfaye discuss the experiences of women in the Tigray War, including the perpetration of weaponised sexual violence and women’s mobilisation in Tigray and the diaspora.

PhD researcher Chessie explains the important differences between rape and sexual violence in conflict as war crimes, crimes against humanity, weaponsied and genocidal. She reflects on the history of female participation in war in Tigray to discuss the relationship between violence against women and women’s mobilisation.

International relations researcher and chief networking advisor at Omna Tigray, Meaza Gidey addresses how we understand the differences between rape in peace and rape in war, highlighting how socieities with greater awareness of gender and sexual based violence will also have higher rates of reporting. Meaza discusses the future needs of women who have been subjected to weaponised and genocidal sexual violence, and how the community can support them in the years ahead.

International relations specialist and youth organiser and advocate, Melat Tesfaye discusses the patterns of sexual violence by different perpetrating groups in Tigray, and what has mobilised women across the diaspora to come together in activism and organisation for Tigray.

This programme was moderated by Teklay Gebremichael.

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