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Is it a sin to be a Tigrayan? A graduating Tigrayan university student‘s lamentation



Editor’s note: The following message is written by a graduating student. He reflects about his situation, about the hollowness and pain he feels, and about the situation of his people. We publish it here by changing some identifying information in order not to expose him to attacks. The message helps us think about the thousands of Tigrayan university students who are not able to follow their studies across the many universities in Ethiopia.

My name is K. I am a 5th year student at one of Ethiopia’s universities. I was in Tigray when our university made the call for us to report at the university, after the Corona lockdown was eased.

It was very difficult to come to Addis Ababa from Tigray. I was so lucky I knew someone who arranged for me a flight to Addis with a military helicopter. But many of my friends could not come because there was no transportation. Travel was possible after three months, but it was too late for them to report and follow their studies.

After the opening of transport, many people came from Tigray to Addis Ababa to escape the war zone. But Addis Ababa is not a city of peace to Tigrayans. It has become a distressing city where Tigrayans are being held incommunicado, are afraid to speak Tigrinya, are fired for their identity and where more than 52,000 Tigrayan businesses are closed.

Attacks against Tigrayans have been escalating over time and are now worst. All this injustice and suffering is not because we are criminals or because we have a criminal behavior, but because we are Tigrayans. For example, refugees who have recently returned from Saudi Arabia have been picked up from their beds without allowing them to change their clothes. And why are all these refugees suffering? Isn’t Ethiopia a country for Tigrayans too?

Although there were many challenging times during my university studies, I have never seen such a distressing year. In addition to economic problems and my longing for my family (5 months without a phone call), imagine how difficult it is to learn with people who apparently enjoy your  family’s starvation to death and your  mother’s death!

Tigrayans who have lived in Addis Ababa for many years have been evicted from their homes and thrown out on the streets. Our bank accounts have been closed. We Tigrayans are in dire straits. The lives of Tigrayans who have returned from Saudi Arabia and graduated from universities are particularly worrying. There is no transportation to Tigray. In addition, they are being hunted by security and police.

Addis Ababa prisons speak Tigrinya. The 17,000 Tigrayan ENDF members who served Ethiopia for years have been imprisoned and tortured for 10 months. Their families are suffering more than anyone can imagine.

Is it a sin to be a Tigrayan? Is all this because of the war? No, the war is in Tigray, not Addis Ababa. What is the secret of Addis Ababa being a hell for Tigrayans and a free place for Syrian and Eritrean refugees?

Now, it is my graduation but it’s senseless. Graduation without friends, in this time of suffering and stress about families being in famine conditions is nothing. My only regret now is that I did not join the armed struggle.

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  1. Nununu

    September 19, 2021 at 10:41 am

    Deport Eritrean spies from Oromia, Tigray and rest of the world

    mean all eritreans including those socalled refugees . I hope UNHCR will not be bothered. They could keep them with their families in Gonder where their ancestors lived and died like that of Isayas family member.

  2. Gurmesa

    September 19, 2021 at 10:37 am

    Abiy and Amara elites have an army of foreign Agents mainly in the UK, Russia, China, Turkey, and the US. These agents have been paid staggering amount of money (by Amhara elites and Prosperity party leaders by stealing hard-earned riches of Ethiopians , and extracting gold from Ethiopian soil. So it is the case of dogs protecting their feeders. These agents have supported the evil Amhara militia, Abiy and his party Prosperity party for quite long time.

    Mr Graham Peebles is one of these crooks. He must be prosecuted in trial for war crimes and the genocide in Tigray and Oromia ; he is supporting the genociders and justifying the killings of innocent civilians in all his articles. by Mr Graham Peebles posted on September 18, 2021 at the

    We earnestly beseech world leaders to bring ethiopian leaders and their ardent supporters like Graham Peebles to ICC and help the people of Tigray , Oromia and all people who are in need of urgent humanitarian need to deliver food and basic need by any means possible, including aircrafts, other than waiting until these war criminals, ENDF, Eritreans troops, Amhara militia , and Amhara youth gangs described as Fanos and trained to kill civilians unblock roads and let trucks reach their destination.
    why not to precious humans dying for doing nothing .
    A Hercules C1 from RAF Lyneham lands in Ethiopia to bring famine relief in 1985. Crown Copyright 1985.
    Why do the US must ask Abiy to unblock the road for the past 9 months, when US could bring food and the rest of basic needs to the people of Tigray, Oromia and Wollo etc using an air craft???

  3. Action required against Ethiopian leaders

    September 18, 2021 at 11:45 am

    The Oromo, Amhara and others are killing innocent civilians and mutilating their bodies and some are even seen burning them and others dragging them on the streets . Killings of kids, mothers and elders should not retrieve the lives of beloved ones and ethnic members. Tegarus , TDF, should not practice suck kind of heinous crimes against civilians be it against Amhara, or PP cadres. It is totally inhumane.

    Regarding the recent speech made by Daniel Kibret, words couldn’t adequately describe his barbaric personality and power mongering attitude at the expense of the extermination of Tegaru: the hardworking and welcoming people of Tigray of all ages and walks of life.

    The USA, EU and intergovernmental organizations like UN, UNSC, ICC are idly watching the extermination of civilians apart from their reiteration of mere deep concerns now and then. They could have done much more to save lives other than a reiteration of the same 9 months old rhetoric and press release describing their sympathies.

    How many children, mothers , and elders, should be slaughtered, burned alive, dragged on the streets ties with their family members before the these countries, including the USA, act and intervene to save the rest of Dearest Lives?

    Several reports are emerging about Tegaru, Oromos, Amhara and other ethnic members being killed, burned and skinned inhumanely by armed groups and individuals hell-bent on revenge . I prefer to call these war criminals whatever ethnicity they belong . Innocent civilians , regardless of their ethnicity, should not be slaughtered in such barbaric manner. It is illogical and unfair to try to defend your entire tribal member who committed such heinous crime , since we have evils in all ethnicity and nationality. TPLF kept dergue cadres like Fikire Silasse Wegdresse, Amha desta etc in prison and were treated fairly as opposed what they dead to Ethiopians and Tegarus, but didn’t mutilate them or burn them alive.

    Stop selling weaponry to Ethiopia and do not exacerbate the genocide and extermination of innocent civilians while you claim to advocate for humanity . -of -Tegarus-Oromos -and-rest of ethnic-minorities-by selling-arms-521421687.html is the reason-why-Ethiopia is considered -one of the oldest-Christian-countries in the world.html

    Russia is killings Christians and destroying churches by offering weaponry to Ethiopia as opposed to their claim

    Victory to the oppressed and Humanitarian access to the those who are in need. They do not need mere propaganda, press release and deep concerns without action.

  4. Deport Eritrean spies from Oromia

    September 17, 2021 at 1:33 pm

    General Abebaw Tadesse is under arrest and will be thrown to jails in the capital of Great Republic of Tigray. Ittu Aba Farda , boot-licker, will also be deported too. Amhara are receiving lethal blows ; they will not be able to recover for eternity. Recently received news: Obbo Ermias and lij Abebe gelaw are giving a big blow on the head to each other and we will bring the latest news to you. They are dopes. Ethio 360 journalist Habtamu Ayalew is pronounced dead this morning. We extend our deepest sympathies to Amhara elites and his fans from Eritrea . Stay tuned. Note: All properties of Amhara elites , riches of fat cats who are spending thousands to kill Oromos, Tegaru, and other ethnic minorities should be confiscated let alone the propertoes of PP cadres. Let all riches be transported and carried to Oromia and Tigray. And war criminals be sent to jails . All those who were dancing and singing while people of Tigray and Oromia suffer should face justice in jails.We have received several reports from teh USA, EU and ASia about Amhara and eritrean migrants dancing and screaming soon as they heard Tigray is under the control of ENDF and EDF esp about the occupation of Mekelle and killings of civilians. These thugs must face the music . Innocents should not be victims regardless of their ethnic background. Mahibrekidusan and so-called EOTC leaders should be subjected to investigation and removed from their ecclesiastical power too. Church is not a cave for war criminals. Orthodoxy and Christianity has become a cave and mask for war criminals .

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