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Tghat Forum 7: ideologies of support for genocide in Ethiopia



In the seventh installment of TGHAT Forum, Khadijah Abdurahman joins Goitom Gebreluel and Patrick Wight to discuss the ideologies of support for genocide in Ethiopia.

First, at the level of the state, we discuss the origins of Ethiopian nationalism and explain why it lends itself to such brutal forms of governance. The often fascistic nature of governance in the country is rooted in Ethiopia’s particular experience of state formation. Specifically, Menelik II, in concert with European colonial powers, forged the current borders of the Ethiopian empire in the late 19th century.

Second, we try to understand why much of Ethiopian civil society has either been silent or openly supported the war in Tigray. A coalition of over two-dozen Ethiopian civil society groups recently put out a call for peace. Many of these organizations and their leaders were either vocally or tacitly in support of the war up to this point. We ask whether this represents a true change of heart.

Finally, we discuss the reaction of outside actors to the Tigray war, specifically the international left. A cohort of self-described “anti-imperialists” have entered the fray of Horn of Africa politics to either refute the atrocities in Tigray as CIA propaganda or to justify them based on the TPLF’s history of working with Washington vis-à-vis the global “war on terror.” We discuss what is truly motivating these commentators.

This panels discussion is based on the ideas discussed on this article TIGRAY, OROMIA, AND THE ETHIOPIAN EMPIRE written by  Ayantu Tibeso, J. Khadijah Abdurahman.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Abiy must be removed:by USA & EU

    September 20, 2021 at 5:58 pm

    How could USA force people of Tigray and Oromo to sit with genociders and make peace? Why is USA not removing Abiy that was installed by the help of US former leadership?
    I Saved a Country’: Donald Trump Claims Hand in Ethiopia …
    if they believe that genocide is committed in Ethiopia why do they let Abiy to stay in power and discuss with affected people ?It is fishy ?

    An all-out effort to prolong a single man’s power at the expense of millions starving to death ???

    Hmm, we smell a rat!

    If UN authorities want to help the people of Tigray, Oromia and those who live in Wollo, we kindly request them to use their airplanes that belong to WFP or other .
    Appeasing Abiy and his party for the past 9 months mean something fishy is underway .
    USA must remove Abiy if not it is not in favor of the people dying deliberately massacred by and let to die from hunger by Abiy and his party

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