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Tigray: Further Updates on the “Humanitarian Truce”



The following is today’s Tigray government update “Humanitarian Truce”

Since March 24, 2022, the Government of Tigray has been observing a temporary cessation of
hostilities in order to facilitate the provision of much-needed humanitarian assistance to the people of Tigray without delay. The Government of Tigray had made it clear that it would continue to extend all necessary cooperation to create favorable conditions to make sure that our people would receive the level of humanitarian aid commensurate with the considerable scale of needs on the ground, and within a reasonable timeframe.

Be that as it may, over the past four days, no humanitarian aid has arrived in Tigray. Furthermore, Ethiopian authorities continue to saturate the airwaves with the false claim that humanitarian aid was flowing into Tigray on a daily basis. All relevant stakeholders should note that such fictitious narratives are designed to befuddle people in and outside the country, but the principal target is the international community. Furthermore, the delivery of humanitarian aid without any obstruction must be decoupled from political issues.

Accordingly, the Government of Tigray demands the provision of sufficient humanitarian assistance without any delay, and an end to the mendacious claims regarding the delivery of humanitarian aid into Tigray. The Government of Tigray also calls on the international community to demand an end to word games, and, in accordance with the understanding reached, bring sufficient pressure to bear on the regime to allow unfettered humanitarian access to Tigray. Finally, the Government of Tigray would like to let the international community know that it remains committed to doing everything in its power to implement the agreement on the cessation of hostilities.

Tigray will prevail!

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