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Tigray Government Statement on the Increasingly Dire Humanitarian Situation  



Since March 24, 2022, the Government of Tigray has been complying with a temporary cessation  of hostilities agreement with the objective of facilitating the provision of sufficient, timely and  sustained humanitarian aid to the people of Tigray. The Government of Tigray had made it clear  at the time that it would do everything in its power to help create propitious conditions in which  our people would receive internationally-provided humanitarian assistance commensurate with the  vast scale of humanitarian needs on the ground, and within a reasonable timeframe.  

Be that as it may, over the past two weeks, only 26 truckloads of supplies have arrived in Tigray.  This fact provides incontrovertible evidence that the cessation of hostilities agreement is being  used to intensify the brutal blockade of Tigray. Even so, Ethiopian authorities continue to churn  out a dizzying drumbeat of false statements, claiming that increased humanitarian aid is flowing  into Tigray. In addition, some members of the international community, in clear disregard of their  legal, moral and professional duties, are echoing the Abiy regime’s fictitious narratives, averring  that the continual delivery of humanitarian aid into Tigray should be encouraged. These members  of the international community, by extoling the virtues of a nonexistent change, are effectively  complicit in the continuation of the vicious blockade of Tigray, and the consequent deployment of  starvation and disease as tools of war.  

The Government of Tigray strongly demands an end to such irresponsible statements. Aside from  being a cruel joke at the expense of the victims of a staggering man-made humanitarian calamity,  making such unconscionably false claims is also tantamount to participating in the commission of  international crime. Further, the delivery of humanitarian aid without any obstruction should be  decoupled from political issues. The Government of Tigray would also like to make it clear that if  the cessation of hostilities agreement reached by the two sides that has now morphed into a  unilateral initiative cannot give rise to the flow of unobstructed aid into Tigray, it has outlived its  usefulness and is, ipso facto, devoid of any meaning.  

Accordingly, the Government of Tigray demands an end to misleading and bogus claims vis-à-vis  humanitarian aid that has not been delivered. The Government of Tigray also calls upon the  international community to exert adequate pressure on the regime with a view to putting an end to  word games; lifting the brutal blockade of Tigray; and resuming discontinued vital social services.  Finally, the Government of Tigray reiterates its commitment to doing everything in its power to  facilitate the delivery of unfettered humanitarian aid into Tigray.  

Tigray will prevail! 

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