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Tigray’s Bureau of Education: Summary Report on Tigray Education’s Human and Material Damage



The Tigray Bureau of Education has released a summary report on human and material damage inflicted on Tigray’s education sector. The report is based on surveys conducted till September 2021 and doesn’t include western Tigray, areas occupied by Eritrean forces and schools that didn’t respond to survey questions. The report says the survey covered only 2054 schools which is 91.33% of the total schools.

The report says 346 males and 1,798 females totaling 2,164 persons in the education sector have been killed. Out of those, 235 are teachers and other professionals including school principals and supervisors.

Human loss in the education sector

Damage of Classrooms and Facilities

  • 88.27% of classrooms
  • 95.86% of blackboards
  • 31.65% of administrative blocks

Damage of Books

  • 63.49% of textbooks
  • 58.67% of teacher’s guide
  • 53.40% of library books
Breakdown of Book Damage

Damage of School WASH Facilities

  • 47.22% of girls’ toilets
  • 48.70% boys’ toilets
  • 50.54% of staff toilets
  • 68.82% of hand washing facilities
  • 66.82% of water tankers

Damage of Electronic Facilities

  • 85.10% of computers in secondary schools
  • 79.88% of plasma televisions in service
  • 86.96% of plasma televisions in school stores
Breakdown of Damage o Electronic Devices

Damage of Laboratory and Pedagogical Facilities

  • 84.49% of lab equipments
  • 84.49% microscopes
Breakdown of damage of lab and pedagogical facilities

The report contains more details, images and recommendations. We recommend reading it in its original form below


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