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Statement from The Central Command of the Government of  Tigray



It is well known that the first phase of the coordinated offensives since August 24 by the fascist  regime of Abiy Ahmed and its foreign partner, the dictatorial regime of Isaias Afeworki, aimed at  completely subjugating the people of Tigray and implementing their unfinished project of  exterminating the people of Tigray within two weeks has completely failed due to the successful  defensive and counteroffensive operations conducted on numerous fronts by our heroic Army.  

It has become clear that the many invasions that the government of the autocratic Isaias  participated in since August 30 have not gone in ways it expected; with tens of thousands of enemy  forces out of action, it has also become clear that Abiy Ahmed and the authoritarian Isaias’s mutual  project of destruction could not succeed as planned, thanks to our heroic Army.  

Our Army’s absolute heroism and determination to prevent the extermination of our people has  created fear and terror in our enemies’ psyche. It is for this reason that our enemies, having  coordinated their remaining forces they deemed necessary to launch full-scale offensives and  invasions to bring Tigray Army to its knees once and for all and eliminate our people, and  mobilizing all regular army units from all over Ethiopia, Amhara special forces, and fano, and  Eritrea’s entire army as well as reserve forces, launched a full-scale offensive against our  strongholds from Tekeze to Irob this morning.  

The enemy, which has been frightened by significant setbacks it suffered on the battlefield,  particularly on the Tselemti and May-Kuhli fronts, at dawn today mobilized the entire Eastern  Command of fascist Abiy, several parts of the North-Western Command and three commando  divisions in addition to thousands of Amhara special forces and fano; for its part, the dictatorial  Isaias has mobilized Eritrea’s entire army, and reservists and militia, launching massive offensives  via Zalambessa, Tserona, Rama, Adi Awala, Hiret, MayKuhli, MayHutsa, and Zban Gedena.  

While the chief focus of the offensive is towards Adyabo and the attacks on all fronts are being  undertaken in a coordinated manner, our mighty Army is, as always, heroically, and determinedly  defending itself.  

The Central Command of the Government of Tigray believes that the timing of the offensive,  coming as it has while the people and Government of Tigray were awaiting the response to their  acceptance of the international community’s calls for the peaceful resolution of the war between  Tigray and Ethiopia, confirms without a shadow of a doubt that our enemies have decided that the  project to exterminate us is a matter of life and death.  

Esteemed people of Tigray:  

To defend against the genocidal war declared on you, you have, having offered your children, been  diligently leading your resistance. The Central Command of the Government of Tigray would like  to express its appreciation of and admiration for your commendable conduct without deviating  from your firm principles.  

Nevertheless, since the existential challenge confronting us today is more than ever before one that  requires the full participation of every single Tigrayan, the Central Command of the Government  of Tigray calls on you to make yourself fully available for the all-round war we are waging to spoil  our enemies’ dreams and aspirations once and for all.  

To the peoples of Ethiopia:  

We call on you to object to the eliminationist campaign to bring the people of Tigray to their knees  that has been undertaken, and continues to be undertaken, by the destructive force in power, which,  being devoid of developmental or any other normal political agenda, and having already sent  hundreds of thousands of your children into the fire pit, is moving heaven and earth to send  additional hundreds of thousands to their deaths.  

In particular, the peoples of Amhara and Afar, building on the positive signs you have shown, need  to intensify your efforts to get out of the trap set by the fascist government and its partners.  

To the people of Eritrea and the Eritrean army:  

The considerable price you have paid thus far to realize the dictatorial government’s interests is  enough; you have objected to a campaign in which your children have been pitted against their  brethren, and one in which they, along with forces that do not accept your very existence, have  been used as cannon-fodders; even now, continue to intensify your efforts. The people of Tigray  do not surrender what is rightfully theirs, nor do they covet what is not theirs; our interests and  aspirations are peace and development; it has never been destruction, nor will it ever be.  

The Central Command of the Government of Tigray knows well that the indescribable heroism  and determination of Tigray Army is one that you derive from your people and will keep it up.  Having overcome extraordinarily difficult challenges, you have achieved resplendent victories.  Even now, there is no doubt that victory will be yours with your people.  

The Central Command of the Government of Tigray  

September 20, 2022  

Our survival and security through our strength  

Tigray will prevail! 

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