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A List of Tigrayan Media Outlets



Following the start of the genocidal war on Tigray, many online media outlets have sprung up. There are also media outlets that were already operating before the war. Most of them are youtube channels, and but many others are websites. Some like Tigrai Media House, Dimtsi Weyane and Tigrai TV and recently some other outlets are available on satellite. Most of them use the Tigrinya language, but many also use English and Amharic.

Most of them are run by the Tigrayan diaspora. This is due to the fact that Tigrayans in Tigray are under the genocidal attack, blockade and blackout, making it almost impossible to engage in founding and running media outlets.

Here below is an attempt to list them. There will be many missing and it is hard where the boundary between media and any youtube channels is. We have chosen to include as much as possible for readers to make their own decisions and the list is mostly based on alphabetical order. The list is first compiled by UMD Media.

No.NameWebsiteYouTube LinkFacebook linkTwitter handle
1Abrehot Media
2Zara Media Network – ዛራ
3Aiga Forum
4Alaje Media
5Alogen Media
6Atranos Media Tigray
7Awramba Times
8Axumawian Media Network
10Baitona Media
11Bana Infotainment
12Berakhe Media
13Cyber Power of Tigray Media
14Dedebit Media
15Digital Weyane
16Dimtsi Weyane
17Edmond Berhane
18Godo Tigray Media
19Hagere Tigray
20Hakfen Media Network
21Hanza Tube
22Humans of Tigray
23Irob Anina
24J Studio
26Kokeb Media
27Kulu Media
28Laza Tigrigna
29Mahbere kdus Mikael Wegebrel zeorthodox tewahdo
30Mahbere Qdus Yared Zeorthodox Tewahido
31Mereba Esset
32Metkel Media
33Microphone Media
34Mido Entertainment
35Natna Forum
36Omega TV
37Radio Wegahta
38Rara Media
40Rufta Media
41Tensae Zelekeber
43Tibeb Ybrah
44Tigrai Media House
45Tigrai Online
46Tigrai Television
47Tigrai Voice
48Tigray Daily
49Tigray Intercept
50Tigray Media Network
51Tigray Public Media
52Tsion Media
53The Uprooted Network
54UMD Media
55Voice of Tigray People (VTP)
56Voice of Tegaru Muslims (VTM)
58Wushatena Media
59Zantana Media
60Zena Tegaru

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  1. Haile G

    January 15, 2023 at 12:11 am

    Tigrai online and AigaForum had been operational for many years. Especially on exposing the Eritrea govt, they did a great job

  2. Kifle Berhane

    January 12, 2023 at 1:32 pm

    Let us help and support our media outlets that is what we are lacking .We must lead the narrative specially about our Tigrai. We need to tell the world who really are ,our cultural, social and political ideologies,etc. We need to think always what can Tigrai benefit from what we do in our media.

  3. RS

    January 12, 2023 at 1:28 pm

    Good job.

    Our Facebook online Media, Yome Post (
    has also been covering the Tigray war. We would like to get it included in the list!

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