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 Tigray Emergency Coordination Center Operational Update, 19 May 2023



The Tigray Emergency Coordination Center has released its update on the situation in Tigray. The overall picture ones gets from reading the update is that Tigray is in an extremely dire situation despite constant positive news carefully planned to portray a semblance of normalcy and to repair the Abiy Regime’s international image. We recommend people to read the update. Below are some highlights.


Agriculture sector is the 85% main source of livelihoods for Tigray region. Now destroyed.

  • loss of livestock including the drought animals which calls for mechanization support
  • destruction of agricultural related infrastructures (veterinary clinics, farmer training centers, irrigation systems)
  • outbreaks of 9 0f the 15 TBAD livestock diseases (zoonotic) and dysfunction agricultural extension system have severely affected agriculture sector. 


  • So far 1313 schools reopened
  • More than 1179 schools not opened due to IDP, Eritrean and Amhara forces 
  • Number of schools occupied
    • Southern Tigray 182 schools by Amhara forces
    • Western Tigray 222 schools by Amhara forces
    • North Western Tigray 75 schools by Amhara forces +15 schools by Eritrean forces
    • Central Tigray 12 schools by Eritrean forces
    • Eastern Tigray 46 schools by Eritrean forces
  • In total 552 schools occupied, (479 by Amhara forces + 73 by Eritrean forces). In addition, schools near Eritrea and Amhara borders are not reopening due to security concerns.


  • 1,544schools have been assessed for UXOs and EOWR and 1,231 explosives found.
  • Reportedly, 6 children were kidnapped by the Eritrean Defense Forces troops movement towards Sheraro, as UNDSS reported on 05 May. 
  • Pause food assistance in Tigray is a single most protection concern for the IDPs, returnees and communities, specifically, for people with special needs.


  • Due to selling of food assistance in some areas and inclusion and exclusion error in targeting, both JEOP and WFP temporary paused delivering of food assistance for the neediest and war affected people in Tigray only.
  • During the month of April 2023, only around 82,000 people received food assistance from the main food partners in the region, partly due to the pause in food distribution starting in mid-April. This represents the lowest number of people ever assisted by the main food partners within a calendar month since January 2021.


  • Only Semera-Mekelle is accessible, but security concerns.
  • Gondar and Dessie-Woldia corridors not accessible

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