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For Tigray: An Awareness and Fundraising Event to Help Schools and Students in Tigray



Jan Willem Baljet of Splendor Amsterdam is organizing on October 8 FOR TIGRAY, a solidarity and fundraising event to help rebuild destroyed Tigrayan schools and support students and school children. An evening with music, dance and some speeches and testimonies. Splendor musicians and musicians from Tigray and from the region will play different songs.

Musicians playing:
Splendor musicians (among others Shishani, Peter Prommel, Hessel Moeselaar, Tatiana Rosa, Mattijs van de Woerd, Oene van Geel, Martin Fondse, Nora Fischer and Jan Willem Baljet)
Semere Welday – krar (5-string lyre), vocals
Yacob Yemane – flute
Semir Abraham – krar (5-string lyre)

See the event description at Splendor Amsterdam and register to reserve your seat.

A text of the event from Splendor is below:

The war on Tigray has decimated Tigray and Tigrayans. But Tigray and Tigrayans remain in great agony. Tigray remains surrounded and largely in siege, violence against Tigrayans continues, close to 30% of Tigray’s teritory to which more than a million displaced Tigrayans should return to remains occupied by enemy forces, and Tigrayans are left to contend with the devastation of the war alone with almost no support for rehabilitation and healing. The challenges Tigray and Tigrayans face look insurmountable. The fight now is also between hope and hopelessness. Despite the enormous challenges, the people of Tigray are desperately trying to resume normal activities with whatever they can find in the ash left by the war.

Let’s take the education sector and the efforts to resume it. Education in Tigray stopped when the COVID-19 pandemic started and continued through the war on Tigray, making Tigrayan students and children out of school for more than three years. A 2021 study on the education sector in the part of Tigray that is under Tigrayan control found that 88.3% of classrooms have been severely damaged and 63% of books have been damaged. On the part of Tigray under enemy control, the numbers are certainly much higher. But the most shocking is the impact on Tigray school children. A 2023 study on this found that 70% children thought they would die from hunger, 72% experienced shooting at a very close distance, 62% expected they would be killed, 44% saw a dead body, 29% saw someone being killed, and 80% teachers experienced PTSD. These studies show the devastation of the education sector, but there are additional problems these studies don’t cover. Many of the schools are hosting over a million displaced persons, many teachers have fled Tigray, many students have lost interest in education, many students that should have gone to college are yet to learn and sit for exams, and many new students must enroll to catch up.

The challenges facing the education sector are enormous. Yet, many schools have officially resumed classes, under trees, on open fields, on the side of their destroyed schools. The biggest challenge now is overcoming hopelessness and rekindling hope in Tigrayan students and children. As a continuation of the previous awareness creation event, Alarm Bell for Tigray, Jan Willem Baljet is organizing a solidarity and fundraising event to support schools and students in Tigray. An evening with music, dance and some speeches and testimonies. Splendor musicians and musicians from Tigray and from the region will play different songs this evening.

The previous event was six months ago. See the event and how people found it at The Alarm Bell for Tigray Event in Amsterdam. Below are some episodes from the event.

Splendor Muscicians playing Raza Raya’s Asli song.

Tigrai Youth Holland Dance

Register and reserve your seat

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1 Comment

  1. Mikias Alemayehu

    September 28, 2023 at 3:26 am

    Which day is the event amd what time?

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