A footage of Aksum residents identifying one of the 700 massacred

A gruesome massacre was committed by the invading forces at Aksum’s Maryam Tsion church. The massacre took place when the people who were taking refuge in the church tried to defend the looting of The Ark of the Covenant. Some say it is committed by the Ethiopian troops and others by the Eritrean troops.

In the footage below, residents are seen moving the body of one of the more than 700 massacred people. The residents are heard saying “what a devastation, this has happened to Aksum?!”. The people are also seen identifying the victim by his id card: Gebrehiwot Gebrekidan, CBE employee.

Banks are the first targets for Eritrean soldiers to loot. People who are bank employees are therefore shot dead first. This particular victim might have been killed in a branch of a commercial bank, not part of the ones massacred in the church.

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  1. Mulugeta Leul

    I never felt so bad in my life that I have ever felt it before. How terrible can Isayas Afeworki prepare such barbaric people, who could shoot & slaughter people like animals. A church is the last resort for refugees. The Axumites and the “Ark of the Covenant” taught us Thai not kill or if a killer gets in to the Church, Thai not touch that person. GOD why don’t you show your power now, let the world be finished at this point. My tears are flowing when I think of Axum.
    Mulugeta from Canada

  2. Tigray

    Stop the war on Tigray It is enough to be human to resist this who can stop this genocide for us Why did the world choose silence?

  3. Kassa

    Berihu Gebremarian, an academic staff of Aksum University is one of the 100s massacred in Aksum Tsion Church. Rest in peace my people

  4. Brhane Gerezgiher


  5. Liya

    Terrible. Rest in Peace.

  6. Mulugeta Abrhaley


  7. kelem

    Or he happened to be at the church during the massacre even though he is a CBE employee and he had his work id with him.

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