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The war on Tigray: payment for Eritrea, drone shopping, capital flight

A prominent Amhara diaspora media says Ethiopia paid half a billion dollar to Eritrea for its involvement in the war on Tigray, is negotiating to buy drones from Turkey in exchange for a share in Ethio Telecom, and there is an alarming capital flight from Ethiopia.



A prominent Amhara diaspora media says Ethiopia paid half a billion dollar to Eritrea for its involvement in the war on Tigray, is negotiating to buy drones from Turkey in exchange for a share in Ethio Telecom, and there is an alarming capital flight from Ethiopia.

The media, Ethio 360, which is founded by a group that splintered from the anti-Tigray Amhara diaspora media, ESAT, said, in its 14 March program, it obtained several credible reports some of which it carefully considered against their harm on the country’s existence and decided to release some of them. Among those it released are Ethiopia’s drone shopping, payment for Eritrea, Abiy Ahmed’s money not known by the ministry of finance.

Ethio 360 said that following the change of administration in the USA and the departure of UAE’ drones from Assab, the Ethiopian government is desperately trying to secure drones from Turkey. For this purpose, the media said, the previous chief of staff of the Ethiopian Defence Forces was sent as ambassador of Ethiopia to Turkey. According to Ethio 360, Turkey agreed to sell drones on two conditions: deposit of money and a share either in Ethio Telecom or Ethiopian Airlines. Ethiopia agreed to deposit 1.7 billion dollars and a share in Ethio Telecom, claimed Ethio 360.

Regarding Ethiopia’s payment to Eritrea for its involvement in the war on Tigray, Ethio 360 claimed Ethiopia has so far paid half a billion dollars in cash, and other payments in kind, among which is shipload of oil to be sent to Eritrea every time Ethiopia imports. This payments are in addition to the loot by Eritrea of everything from Tigray.

Ethio 360 also said it had obtained credible information that there is an alarming capital flight from Ethiopia and that Ethiopia’s foreign reserves are in a dangerous low level.

The media also said that the money collected by Abiy Ahmed from individuals and state enterprises for different park projects and the money he obtained from foreigners and foreign organization in the name of gifts are not known by the ministry of finance.

The media claimed the lack of transparency in the payment to Eritrea and the money for parks are creating problems with lenders.

The media, which largely supports the war on Tigray, fearing that the release of the information might help the Tigray cause, had to justify its release of this information and said it is withholding other more information in order not to jeopardize Ethiopia’s existence.

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  1. አቴንሽን ሲከርስ are using "banda" for personal and political gain

    April 3, 2021 at 11:43 am

    The writing(note) certainly left by ENDF member reads ‘አሁን ለሻዕቢያ አስረክበናል ፥ሻዕቢያ እንደ ጥብሥ ጠብሶ ይብላቹ(በኢትዮጵይ ወታደር የተፃፈ)” We handed you to EDF(Shabia-PJDF)and they will consume you like a beef Stir fry(Tibs) -sliced beef or lamb being pan-fried in butter, galic and onion.

    The people who demonstrated suck kind of boundless brutality on our people are released for the sake of political gain. The funny thing is that we continue to observe some Tegarus calling people ‘Banda’ and threatening our family memebrs to look patriotic among thier freinds living around them. How can someone stick such inhumane allegation against one without a verified and ample information and evidence.

    I ask you all of you to restrain from using such cruel words against anyone without full information . It doesn’t make you look patriotic, donot act like attention seekers, do what you do t save the lives of your people not for political gain or amass reputation among the Tigrian Community.

    We have alreday enough wounds during those 27 years , diving us among Adwoa, Adigrat, ….. when it comes to promotions and high paying jobs etc….

    You cannot strip off one’s Identity as a Tigrean community just because you have millions around you .Being Tigrean, Tigraway is not something given to us by High Ranking officials of Tigray but rather by God via our biological forefathers.

    It is a complete indication of cowardness and insecurity to brainwash many peoople and incite them to go against a single or two individuals in an attempt to look patriotic Tigrean.
    This is beyond assumption refering some arrogant Tegarus living in Sweden who are deceiving their freinds to accept their banality and idiocy to clash with other people without securing further information.

    When people like Teklit Berihu (ignorant man living in Gothenburg (Sweden). If people like him do really love TIgray they should go and fight to save the lives of their own people , but it is a crime to defame someone they donot know.

    We all know people from the poor country have courage to defame and degrade a man of teh same orginality but they look like a sick dog before a foreigner.I can understand teh fcat that we need psychological support and emotional hug from our community but should be by throwing a fabricated allegation to look patriotic and win reputation.

    If you have that kind of courage and love for your people go and fight . We know many of you were sent by TPLF officials to abroad while disregarding others .We cannot defend TPLF but only and only our people. Even if I do condemen the atrocities and killings of TPLF leaders , but it could have been better to bring them to a judiciary organ. I belive they dnot deserve those atrocities as they do many good things and many atrocities are committed by prosperity party than any other party that precede PP.

    WE noticed many youtubers who use several fake titles to attarct people, do these people love Tigray or seek money ?? Why do they need to do so to attract people .The hypocritean conceited man from Tigray online(who claim every man who came from 3rd world(Africa) uses stones and leaves in the place of toilet paper in an attempt for him to feel superior and stand out and continue claimling he is the most educated man who speaks the best english ever as he studies in US ) to stop saying banda without gathering information. I heard him speaking about people that he donot know at all just because people he knew told him. Why do you need to accept every claim that is raised by someone you knew just because you had good relation and he is a renowned patriotic without verifying. In simple terms, some Tegarus are using the trem “Banda” to satify their personal anger and take revenge on thier personal enemy and look patriotic among ladies .Teklit berihu(46700452894 , misgnaw, Welemihiret et c threatening family ?? the should go and fight against ENDF and EDF but not intimidating us and sending someoone’s picture to look patriotic . I am sure he will not win courage to fight with any foreigner . EDF is attacking his family out of disrpect , hate and jelousy and he is bearing the same trait towrds a Tigrean. አብዛኞቻቹ ወያኔ አባል ስለነበራቹ ነዉ ወደ ዉጭ የጣቹሁት እንደ አሃዳዉያኑ ጎደኞቻቹ

    We will see what kind of Tigray you gonna built taking all those trash mentality with you while defalming other ethnics to look special . TRy to fight the poor mentality. It is not logical to go against our innocent people in order to displease those who are superficially wanting to get attention from thier community in Diaspora. Although some of you are stupid , we donot abandon our people in order to displease or hurt you.
    ንፈልጠኩምኢና ብናይ ፩፯ አሰርተ ሸዉአተ አመት ቃልሲ ኢዶም አይኖም ዝሰአኑ አብ በረሃ ትግራይ አትዮም መህረስ አትዮም ዝበልዕዎ ሲኢኖም ክፅገሙ እንከለዉ ናይ ኢሀዴግ ደገፍት ኢዮም እናበልኩም ተጋሩ ገዲፍኩም ንአምሀሩ ኢኹም ስራህ ገንዘብ ጥቡ ኔርኩም፥አድዋ አድግራት እናበልኩም ተጋራ ትኸፋፍሉ ኔርኩም ኢሁም አቅሚ ተሊዩካ አብ አድ አቲኻ ተቃለስ ባንዳ ካባኹም ዝገደደ የለን ሕፃዉንቲ እናሀረዱ ኤርትራ አህዋትና አምሀሩ አህዋትና ንሰልድን ንስልጣንን ኢሁም ትቃለሱአብ ደገዘለሁም አቴንሽን ሲከርስ

  2. Better to join the army than dying in vain (or leave those cities occupied by the enemy)

    April 3, 2021 at 10:16 am

    ኮንስፒራሲ ኦፍ ትግራይ ዋር
    ለነዚህ ኀያላን ሀገራት የትግራይ ጦርነት የፖለቲካ ፍጆታ እየዋለ ነው፥፥የተለያዩ አካላትም የገቢ ምንጭ እንደሆነ መገመት አዳጋች አይደለም፥ ከአለም አቀፉ የ ከፍተኛ ፍርድ ቤት የጦር ወንጀል ይዘት ያላቸዉን ጉዳዮች የሚመረምሩ የሕግ ሙያተኞች ሥራ መፍጠሩ፥በተለያዩ ጊዜያት ለስብሰባቸዉ አጀንዳ ሆኖ ማገልገልን(ለጂ ፯፥ ኤዩ ወዘተ)፥ የተለያዩ የበጎ አድራጎት ድርጅቶች ተጨማሪ የፕሮጀክት ርዕስ ና የሥራ ዕድል መፍጠር፥ለአለም አቀፍ የጦርና የፖለቲካ ሳይንስ ተመራማሪዎች በዘርፍ ለጥናትና ለምርምር የሚያገለግል የጦር አጀንዳ መሀያ ሆኖ መቅረቡ፥ላስት በት ኖት ሊስት የጦር መሣሪያ የጅምላ ነጋዴዎች የሥራ ዕድል እንዲፈጥር እስከማድረግ ድረስ በቸልታ በርቀት በመመልከት ወገኖቻችንን ዕልቂት በጊዜዉ የጅምላ ዕልቂትን ከማስቆም ይልቅ የፖለቲካ ትኩረትን መፈለግ ለአለም የአዛኝ ቅቤ አንጓች ፖለቲካዊ አቋምን ከአራት ወራት በላይ ማራመድ ናቸዉ፥

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