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More Videos and Photos from the Togogwa Market Day Airstrike



On June 22, 2021, Togogwa market was attacked by airstrike, killing many and wounding many more. See background and details including videos and photos in Healthcare workers recount Togoga after the airstrike (Photos and videos included).

Below we present more videos and photos from the market day airstrike.

She brought her daughter, Eldana Gebrselassie 2-year-old, to Ayder Hospital and recounts what she witnessed, but she could hardly pull herself together to tell her story. She says she prostrated in front of the Ethiopian soldiers and begged them to let her pass. She says her daughter has been hit by a shrapnel on her abdomen.

He brought his nephew to Ayder Hospital. He recounts how the airstrike unfolded. He lists people whom he know and that have been killed.

Photos from Of Togagwa victims in Ayder Hospital

The photos are taken on June 23 and 24 in Ayder Referal Hospital.

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