“The Cancer of Ethiopia”: Statement by PM Abiy Ahmed

“The Cancer of Ethiopia”: Statement by PM Abiy Ahmed

This is an English translation of a public statement released by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and shared by the official account of the Prime Minister’s Office on 18 July 2021.

The enemy we are facing is an enemy which is the cancer of Ethiopia. The junta is probably the only group in history that used its political power to disintegrate its own country. As the saying goes “a familiar devil is not easily dislodged”, so the junta will attempt to cling on desperately.

We can confidently say, the junta will be uprooted in a manner that will ensure it will not bud again.

This will happen if we collaborate to remove the invasive weed. In the process, individuals may err; divisive information may be heard. Even though we are united as to our end, there may be arguments about the means.

In any case, this will not stop us from achieving our goal. The children of Ethiopia have risen from all four corners to undo the plans of the junta. This itself is a victory. The children of Ethiopia have identified their enemy. And they know what they have to do. And they will do it.

Forces who are afraid of our unity will do everything they deem to be divisive. They conspire to divert our wrath from them toward our own. But we will never do that.

The unity we have created now is what destroyed the old conspiracy of the junta and what will destroy the owner of the conspiracy and which will ensure the renaissance of the country they had conspired against. 

Our defense and regional forces are getting into their (fighting) positions. There will be attempts to sabotage this. We will respond accordingly while respecting the ceasefire we declared unilaterally. 

We have a strict plan of why, how, when, where, and what to do. The result will soon be evident to both friend and foe. Our army is ready for a spectacular mission.

We will work to remove the weed. But while removing the weed, we will try our best not to damage the wheat.

In our country, we weed collectively. And this is what the children of Ethiopia are doing.

NB: The words “junta, cancer, devil, and weed” have been in use widely in reference to the TPLF. But they are also used as code words to refer to Tigrayans regardless of their political affiliation. It should be noted that, a few weeks ago, Abiy himself has described Tigrayans as collaborators and blamed them for the defeat of the army in Tigray.

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  1. Davey McCrackett

    Thank you for translating. World leaders and aid organizations need to understand what they are facing in Abiy. Please translate more of Ethiopian government and Amhara media for us.

  2. Aregawe Berhe

    The guy is lunatic and he have followers only you have to be a cult to followe him because you are not using your own mind.

  3. Tesfay Teklu

    He is a war monger. Sad for the country, for the region as well as the world. I wonder why the International Community showers such leaders with Noble Peace Price. He is a Pol Pot of Ethiopia. By this speech, he is laying the ground for Ethnic cleansing of Tigrayans from their region by the rest of Ethiopians!!! I don’t know why the peace loving world is waiting for the Tigrayans to be wiped out by this blood thirsty autocrat in Ethiopia.

  4. Tesfay Teklu

    Actually the cancer of Ethiopia is @AbiyAhmedAli, the illegal PM of #Ethiopia. Cancer does not take more than 1000 year to spread and destroy the body. But, it takes 3-4 years to reach stage four and disintegrate the host and finally kill it. Tigrayans have kept Ethiopia free and alive for 1000’s of years. But Abiy has come to destroy its economic, social , cultural, religious and political fabric. I think he should resign in the interest of the country. His hypocrisy and insincerity is evident by intentionally avoiding the war that is going on in Oromia as well as Benishangul & Gumuz regions of the country.

  5. Naol

    Heat speach

  6. john

    stope the jenocide in tigray

  7. Samson araya

    The Ethiopian PM vowing to bring more bloodshed on Tigrayas people all over the country. Please stop before to let !!

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