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Statement on the Abiy Regime’s Aerial Bombardment of a Children’s Playground and Kindergarten



A regime whose defining feature is barbarity once again unleashed its aerial reign of terror on innocent civilians in Mekelle today, August 26, 2022, approximately at 12:30 PM local time. This vicious regime has outdone itself with today’s deliberate targeting of a children’s building, housing a playground as well as a kindergarten. Taking place in a residential area without conceivable military targets, this cruelty leaves no doubt as to the state-sanctioned terrorism that has become the Abiy regime’s most distinguishing characteristic.

Today’s heartless, sadistic aerial assault has claimed the lives of innocent children and adults in the most despicable way, with their bodies literally cut into pieces. Although the depravity of this barbaric regime’s actions is not surprising, they continue to shook the human conscience. Once again, the butchers of Addis have revealed their roe colors.

As we issue this statement, the mutilated bodies of the slain innocent children could be seen lying on the premises of the playground as well as on the sidewalks. These children will no longer be alive to dream big and aspire to a life not defined by death and destruction.

To some influential members of international community: you have coddled this sadistic regime. You have fallen for its deceptive rhetoric as an agent of peace. You have exhorted “both sides’ to cease hostilities, even though it’s the Abiy regime that has done everything in its power to starve and bomb the people of Tigray into submission. In so doing, you have failed the fundamental moral test of humanity. Having been emboldened by your callous indifference to the suffering of the people of Tigray and your complicity in this brutal regime’s perpetual choke-hold on Tigray, it knows it can slaughter innocent children with impunity. When you consider issuing a perfunctory statement of concern, think about your role in enabling the Abiy regime’s worst instincts.

In fact, because of the international community’s indulging of the Abiy regime’s passion for ill-advised adventures, it launched a large-scale offensive against Tigray. Since this latest massive offensive is unraveling in ways beyond the regime’s expectations, it is now lashing out against innocent Tigrayans. Unable to withstand Tigray Army’s beating on the battlefield the genocidal Abiy regime resorts to that which lib best at murdering innocent people. We urge the international community to abandon the notion that the Abiy regime can be a genuine partner for peace.

The people of Tigray, although mostly alone in this dark hour, are resilient and capable of ensuring their own freedom through their strength. While the latest slaughter of innocent Tigrayans is devastating to contemplate, it won’t stop the Tigrayan people’s determined struggle for survival. Tigray’s freedom can only be guaranteed through the strength of its people’s unity.

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